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During the TERMIS European Chapter Meeting 2017 (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society) in Davos, Switzerland, the  Society for Biohydrogels organized 2 symposia, covering both chemical and biological aspects of the design of biohydrogels in Regenerative Medicine.

Symposia 1 - Hydrogels in tissue engineering: Progress and challenges. Monday June 26, 2017 - Room Aspen - 12.45pm - 14.15pm
 - Recent developments in collagen-based nanocomposite biomaterials
T Coradin, C Hélary, M Desimone - France
 - Visible light based micro-encapsulation of mesenchymal stem cells for osteoarthritis treatment
Li, V Truong, H Thissen, J Frith, J Forsythe - Australia
 - RNA extraction from peptide hydrogels enables gene expression analysis for 3D stem cell culture
K Burgess, V Workman, M Elsawy, D Oceandy, A Saiani - United Kingdom
- Oxygen mapping in 3D tissue engineering hydrogel constructs
P Wolff, L Heimann, E Amann, G Liebsch, R J Meier, E Breel, M van Griensven, ER Balmayor - Germany
- In vitro and organ culture evaluation of chemically crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels for nucleus pulposus repair
MH Hu, A Nuzzo, M D’Este, RG Richards, PY Lee, M Alini, S Grad, M Peroglio - Switzerland
- Tyramine-modified hyaluronan hydrogel for mesenchymal stromal cell encapsulation: cell viability and rheological properties
P Behrendt, S Lippross, RG Richards, D Eglin, A Armiento - Switzerland / Germany
 Symposia 2 - Biohydrogels - Wednesday June 28, 2017 - Room Aspen -17.15pm - 18.45pm
 - Self-assembled peptide hydrogels for tissue engineering applications
J Gough - UK
- Textural, macromechanical and microrheological properties of HA/ collagen scaffolds and their influence on cell culture
J Roether, C Oelschlaeger, N Willenbacher - Germany- Dynamic hydrogel based on Hyaluronic Acid: from viscosupplementation material to cell scaffold applications
P Casuso, A Baiget, A Pérez-San Vicente, HJ Grande, I Loinaz, D Dupin - Spain
- Stem cell therapies for intervertebral disc degeneration - targeting the degenerate microenvironment
L Vickers, A Thorpe, C Sammon, C Le Maitre - United Kingdom
- Development of a novel bio-synthetic gelatin-poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel for pre-vascularized osteogenically differentiated tissue analogues with enhanced structural stability
B Klotz, K Lim, Q Vallmajó Martín, I Pennings, T Rosenberg, T Woodfield, J Malda, M Ehrbar, D Gawlitta - The Netherlands
- Allyl glycidyl ether modified gelatin as a versatile bioink platform for biofabrication of tissue engineered constructs
S Bertlein, GC Brown, KS Lim, T Juengst, T Boeck, T Blunk, J Tessmar, T Woodfield, J Groll - Germany




In March 2015, a workshop dedicated to Biohydrogels was held at the University of Nantes (France), with the aim of establishing the Society for Biohydrogels. About 100 people (from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugual, Serbia, UK and Switzerland) attended this meeting and the inaugural business meeting chaired by Prof. Pierre Weiss. Statutes, detailing the incorporation of the Society for Biohydrogels, were discussed and agreed, Article by Article. The Statutes, signed by Prof. Pierre Weiss and Dr. Catherine Le Visage, assured the formal foundation of the Society on March 6, 2015.

Biohydrogels 2015 program can be downloaded here: Biohydrogels 2015



The 1st Biohydrogel meeting was organized by Prof. Rolando Barbucci in 2007 in Viareggio (Italy), followed by 2 other meetings in 2009 and 2011 in Florence (Italy). Scientists who attended these meetings expressed their interest in the formation of a formal Society that would bring together researchers from academia, industry and medical professions, involved in the field of biohydrogels, to promote and develop scientific exchanges and to create an interdisciplinary network.



The Board of Directors was elected by the inaugural General Assembly, and the Executive Committee was elected by the Board of Directors.

The Society is hearquartered at the University of Nantes (France). 

Boards of Directors   Executive Committee 
Rachel AUZELY (France)   
Thibaud CORADIN (France)    
Andrew DOVE (UK)    
Christine LE MAITRE (UK) Secretary
Catherine LE VISAGE (France) Treasurer
João MANO (Portugal)  
Pietro MATRICARDI (Italy)    
Alexandra MONTEMBAULT (France)   
Alberto SAIANI (UK) Vice-President
Pierre WEISS (France) President
Marcy ZENOBI-WONG (Switzerland)  

The Society aims to encourage, foster, promote and develop research, advancement, education, training, and dissemination of information on the science of biohydrogels, defined as hydrogels developed in the fields of life and pharmaceutical sciences, health, and regenerative medicine, including tissue engineering, assisted cell therapy, or release of active molecules to regenerate tissue, and to bring together researchers from academia, industry and medical professions, involved in the field of biohydrogels, to promote and develop scientific exchanges and to create an interdisciplinary network

Biohydrogel network

- bring together scientists from academia, industry and hospital, involved in the field of biohydrogels, to promote and develop scientific exchanges between them
- create links between the fields of chemistry and physical chemistry of macromolecular networks and areas of materials for health and regenerative medicine and to share scientific knowledge in these fields.
- provide support to characterization, evaluation and improvement of biohydrogels.
- communicate at annual conferences, workshops or during specific actions, or with publications in scientific, clinical or mainstream journals, or by means of a website that could provide training for students and practitioners.
- organize, participate in the organization or subsidize meetings or scientific conferences on these topics.
- participate in initial and continuing training (or further education) of students and researchers through the implementation of workshops.
- explore and encourage cooperation with other national and international associations, with similar or related interests, to co-organize events.